Certified Organic Turkeys


Our family farmed animals are raised using humane and environmentally responsible methods that provide you with the freshest, safest, and most flavorful meats available.



Embudo Valley Organics, on the banks of the northern Rio Grande, has been growing soil and produce the old fashioned way for thirty years - Organically. Under the watch of OCIA and NMDA Organic Program, this small, local farm produces the nation’s first Certified Organic Turkeys with no artificial ingredients, from the ground up!

Embudo Valley Turkeys are always outside in the fields and sunshine, grazed in open irrigated pastures. They are fed only Certified Organic grains, and are cared for and harvested by hand to insure the highest quality product in the most humane manner.

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that 90-95% of all chemical and antibiotic residues in human diets come from conventional meat and dairy products. Meats labeled “natural” and “free range” are fed conventional feeds and raised in factory conditions. Only those labeled “Certified Organic” are inspected to insure that they are chemical free and humanely raised in an environmentally sustainable way.

We put a lot more time, work and money into our products. You will agree it’s all worth it.

The proof is in the product.

I wanted to let you know that we had your turkey for the first time yesterday, and it was THE MOST DELICIOUS, TENDER, and BEAUTIFUL turkey we have ever had! I always get high quality organic birds, but yours has surpassed prior years'. The breast meat (which I usually don't care for as much as dark much) was as juicy and flavorful as the dark! I actually sent a note last week inquiring about the breed and was slightly disappointed to learn that it was a broad breasted white, but I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG!!! I wanted to let you know that I am eating my words, which is saying a lot because I ate SO much yesterday. Thank you so much for taking such care to grow quality food for those of us lucky enough to find your birds. It is people like you, who are an island, taking the effort to produce quality, REAL food in a sea of heartless, profit driven, unnatural and unhealthy agribusiness, that makes all the difference in the world. My family appreciates you beyond words. Your turkeys are now a family tradition for us, as long as you are growing and selling them! Hooray for grasshoppers! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

–email from a satisfied customer


Curiosity became commitment this year as we move towards consuming less, but better food from sources that make sense, and your turkey was the best choice we’ve made so far. We bought it at the Coop and used the slow roast with basting method to cook. I have never tasted better flavor turkey!! Even the liver was a treat, and the neck was absolutely choice! We enjoyed, with much gratitude for this incredibly tasty turkey, a wonderful thanksgiving meal with family, friends, neighbors and even a couple of co-workers. For the first time in ages I’m actually looking forward to my very next opportunity to cook the big American holiday dinner, because your heavenly turkey will be so rewarding to prepare and 100% delectable from neck to tail!

Thank you for your commitment to raising such amazing animals and assuring they have the best conditions from birth to death to preparation for market. This will be the T-day turkey for my family from now on!

–another satisfied customer

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Our turkeys are available through the farm, Cids and the Taos Co-Op in Taos, the Dixon Co-Op,
Semilla Natural Foods in Las Vegas, NM, Tully's Deli in Albuquerque
and all 3 La Montanita Co-ops in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.