Certified Organic Turkeys


Our family farmed animals are raised using humane and environmentally responsible methods that provide you with the freshest, safest, and most flavorful meats available.



Embudo Valley Organics, on the banks of the northern Rio Grande, has been growing soil and produce the old fashioned way for thirty years - Organically. Under the watch of OCIA and NMDA Organic Program, this small, local farm produces the nation’s first Certified Organic Turkeys with no artificial ingredients, from the ground up!

Embudo Valley Turkeys are always outside in the fields and sunshine, grazed in open irrigated pastures. They are fed only Certified Organic grains, and are cared for and harvested by hand to insure the highest quality product in the most humane manner.

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that 90-95% of all chemical and antibiotic residues in human diets come from conventional meat and dairy products. Meats labeled “natural” and “free range” are fed conventional feeds and raised in factory conditions. Only those labeled “Certified Organic” are inspected to insure that they are chemical free and humanely raised in an environmentally sustainable way.

We put a lot more time, work and money into our products. You will agree it’s all worth it.

The proof is in the product.


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Our turkeys are available through the farm, Cids in Taos, the Dixon Co-op
and all 3 La Montanita Co-ops in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.