Welcome to the Embudo Valley Organics website.

We are a small family operation located in Rinconada, New Mexico situated on the Rio Grande. We have 25 acres under cultivation in a mix of pastures and grains.

20 years ago, we began growing heirloom beans and corn to be grown for seed but between the grasshoppers and weeds we never seemed to get over the hump to make any money or even just feel good about all the hard work we were putting in.

We decided to try turkeys to combat the grasshoppers that had indeed reached biblical proportions. In the very first year it was a smashing success. The turkeys ate all the hoppers and we sold the turkeys. People wanted much more - going on and on about the taste and quality of our birds.

Today, we sell 1000 turkeys every fall and have expanded our feed business of the highest quality feed for goats, poultry and other livestock. We want to stay small so we can focus on maintaining the highest quality possible... like nothing else you'll find on the market.

David Rigsby - Owner

John Mcmullin - Farm Manager